Class 3 (Year 3)

Welcome to Year 3 at Wakefield Methodist (VC) Junior, Infant and Nursery School. Miss Grainger is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Roberts. Class 3 is an exciting time for children as they are just starting their Key Stage 2 education.

In Year 3, children are met with new challenges and are expected to work with greater independence, self discipline and concentration. At the same time we ensure children have lots of fun across the curriculum, enjoying a variety of exciting topics through first hand experience.

The curriculum has now become Theme based in class 3, which bases all subjects around one topic per tem. This includes topics such as "Britain in the past," "rainforests" and "rise of the robots." This is the first year the children will come across French as part of the curriculum. This includes lots of games and songs to make it engaging and enjoyable.

We  take part in a variety of church visits and yearly educational trips such as flamingo Land and the cinema for national film week. This is the only year group that is lucky enough to have weekly guitar lessons with Miss Webster, (a specialist string teacher) which is enjoyed by all.

Teachers & Assistants:

Mrs E Taylor
Mrs E Taylor
Mrs K Roberts Mrs K Roberts
Miss Dearden Miss Dearden
Mrs E Crossley Mrs E Crossley

“This is a Good School”